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I’m unhappy with the compensation being offered. What can I do?

Our team will be able to assist in providing clients with as much compensation as possible by taking into account a number of factors that are not always included in the initial valuation provided by the third party which proposes the land takeover.

My business is being pushed out of its premises. What can I do?

There are a number of different considerations when this occurs at a commercial level, please check out our government acquisition of land for business premises for more information.

Where are you based?

Land Acquisition Lawyers are based in the heart of North Sydney and can provide our services throughout NSW via phone, Zoom conferences, in person meetings or email. We have many clients who we conduct work with remotely.

How much are your legal fees?

This will depend on a number of factors and during our first consultation, we will provide a transparent costs agreement which enables you to understand our fees prior to commencing work with us.

Have you had success with compulsory acquisition before?

Yes, we’ve worked with a number of clients in this area and have helped them gain a significant amount of compensation.